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What are Soft Skills? Time management, communication, relationships, self development and more…

Hard skills are job-specific skills, like forklift operation, inventory management, cashiering or computer skills. Soft skills are your communication and interpersonal skills, managing people, leadership, etc. that characterize relationships with other people.

Soft skills are just as useful as hard skills. Goodwill's Soft Skills workshop can help you develop the skills to help you ace that job interview, get the job and keep the job.

Here are some of the soft skills you may gain through this job readiness training -

Enthusiam and Attitude: Employers appreciate a positive attitude in the workplace, people who will complete tasks in an upbeat and cooperative manner.

Motivation: Self-motivation plays a part in getting things done in the workplace. Everyone is not motivated by the same goals, so it's good to know what factors motivate you towards success in your career.

Time Management: Understanding how to manage your time efficiently and balance work and personal need is imperative to a successful career in whatever field you work.

Decision Making: Most jobs require that you make decisions. Some are simple, others can be more complicated. Learning how to understand the issues, emotions and information, will help you make better decisions in your job and in your life.

Each workshop is tailored to the group's needs, which may include modules on the following soft skills -

  • personal accountability,
  • logical thinking,
  • social interaction,
  • conflict resolution,
  • listening,
  • team building,
  • problem solving
  • motivation
  • dependability
  • self-determination,
  • money management
  • organizational skills
  • personal decision making,
  • customer service,
  • self advocacy,
  • building a positive attitude,
  • stress & anger management,
  • time management,
  • job retention,
  • ethics,
  • self-presentation
  • accessing community resources

The class sizes are small and participatory. The facilitator guides the discussion, rather than teach. Topics are tailored to the needs of the participants with focus on job seeking and job retention.

Facilitators include Goodwill Workforce Development staff and volunteer community coaches. Participants are often encouraged to take the opportunity to lead the discussion in areas where they have experience.

The workshop is typically once a week for 6 weeks with each session lasting 5 hours. The workshop is offered at no-cost or low-cost to agencies and individuals. It is held regularly at the Goodwill Job Skill Building Maker Space on Tyler St in Pittsfield and on-location at businesses, community centers, schools and partner agencies throughout the region, including the Family Place and MCLA in North Adams MA, Mildred Elley college and HeadStart in Pittsfield MA.

Students receive a completion certificate and may take advantage of Suit YourSelf for job interview attire and coaching.


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To volunteer as a facilitator, visit Goodwill Volunteer Opportunities.

To host a Soft Skills workshop, call Goodwill Workforce Development at 413 442 0061 or contact us online.

To sign up for Soft Skills Workshops, contact us online or call 413 442 0061.


*Thanks to community donations, sales in our retail stores, grant funding including Berkshire Bank Foundation, our volunteers, business partners, and income generated from recycling-based Business 101 programs, Goodwill can offer job skill training at low-cost or no-cost to agencies and individuals.