Helping people of any age from all walks of life gain operational skills, soft skills and 'real work' experience to help them strengthen their family's economic status.

What makes Goodwill Programs unique? 

•  Participants are from all ages and all walks of life.
•  Class sizes are small and participatory.
•  Participants learn and exercise new job skills.

Training Locations

Goodwill Regional Center, 158 Tyler St., Pittsfield MA and on location at Goodwill stores, partner businesses and community locations throughout Berkshire County & Southern Vermont. See the Training Calendar and Registration Info



Business 101 is an innovative job training program that teaches participants the Big Picture of business enterprises.

How Seeing the Big Picture helps you be a better employee

Spot-On-Cleaning An accredited program providing training in the real world of Custodial Cleaning.

Dell Reconnect Computer Recycling Training in safe recycling of computers and computer equipment.

Popcorn Wagon Project A team project managing the Historic Popcorn Wagon during the summer months.


Gain experience and operational skills for the retail industry. From store setup to merchandising, pricing and inventory management, your retail training will give you the skills you need to get the job and start a successful career in retail.

Learn more about Careers in Retail

Retail Associate Training Program A 2-1/2 week comprehensive retail workshop.

Retail Associate In-Store Training


Gain experience with hands-on training in the growing industry of recycling - an opportunity to learn new job skills and exercise that skill doing 'real work' in a diverse environment that proides a level playing field for all participants.

Learn more about Careers in Recycling

Develop real world operational skills in logistics, working side-by-side with peer mentors, helping you discover your talents, increase your self-confidence and elevate your job skills. At the Job Skill Building Maker Space, 158 Tyler St. Pittsfield MA.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Consider a Job in Logistics

Recycled Rags

Waste Cardboard Recycling

Dell Reconnect: Computer Recycling

Electrical Testing & Quality Control

Donation-to-Resale and After-Market Handling and Processing

Certification: Forklift Operation & Safety Training Per OSHA Code of Federal Regulations


How Soft Skills Help You Get The Job AND Keep The Job

Office Internships Develop operational skills and self-confidence in office work and customer service, including computer work, basic accounting and reception working with the office management team at the Regional Center in Pittsfield.

Suit YourSelf Gain self-confidence with job interview preparation, coaching and clothing. Available in North Adams and Pittsfield Regional Center.

Soft Skills Development Hard Skills are job-specific skills. Soft Skills are interpersonal and communications skills. Many times it's the Soft Skills that help you ace the job interview and excel in your work. Goodwill's Soft Skills workshop is available in Pittsfield and on-location throughout the region.


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