Participants in the Goodwill of the Berkshires Job Readiness Training Programs.

"Thank you for supporting Goodwill of the Berkshires.

Because of you, we are learning skills and gaining work experience that will help us get a good job that we can make into a great career!"

Today’s workers need a wide range of abilities to land a job and to have a successful career. A good employee possesses both soft (personal attributes) and operational skills and that’s where we come in.

Our job skill building maker space is a welcoming setting in which participants gain actual work experience as a member of an operational business team. It is a learning environment rich with possibilities, encouraging people to find their talents, take initiative, and learn job skills that strengthen their family’s economic security.

Goodwill's maker space has the tools, projects, coaches and mentors onsite at the Pittsfield Training Center, to assist each job-training participant on their journey to economic independence. GoodWorks Soft Skills and Suit YourSelf coaching are available at the Center, Berkshire Works, Mildred Elley and other locations in the region.

Goodwill job readiness training and skill development services are primarily available to those with barriers to work, including:

•  the working poor,
•  those lacking high school diploma or GED,
•  dislocated individuals & families,
•  ex-offenders
•  older workers,
•  transitional youth,
•  non-English speakers,
•  Veterans,


Business 101

Business 101 is an innovative training program that teaches participants the ins-and-outs of business enterprises - from writing a business plan, overseeing purchasing and inventory, to customer service and satisfaction. The team is introduced to all aspects of a successful business.


The development of this innovative Business 101 program was made possible by the Coolidge Hill Foundation - Spot-On-Cleaning provides training in the real world of Custodial Cleaning. The program, moving to the next phase made possible by the Berkshire Bank Foundation, has the team providing cleaning services to RSVP, the Froio Senior Center and the Goodwill Retail stores.

Recycled Rags

Turning old t-shirts and towels into cleaning rags provides local businesses with a 'green' product that not only provides funding to our programs through the sales of rags, but provides operational skill development for even short-term participants in our programs.
Business 101 : Rag Recycling in the News: Goodwill Launches New Business 101 Initiative

Waste Cardboard Recycling

Goodwill provides cardboard recycling services for area businesses. The participants in this job training program learn the ins-and-outs of waste management and recycling processing.

Dell Reconnect Computer Recycling

Training in computer recycling procedures includes processing donated computers and computer peripherals for the Dell Reconnect program, which safely recycles or repurposes old computers.
Dell ReConnect in the News: 93,000 Pounds Computer Equipment Recycled in 2013

Popcorn Wagon Project

The first Business 101 project, made possible through an exciting partnership with the Berkshire Bank Foundation, is a team project managing the Historic Popcorn Wagon on North Street in Pittsfield during the summer months, selling popcorn and drinks several days a week and during street fair events.
Popcorn Wagon Business 101 in the News: Popcorn Power of Work!


Suit YourSelf

Instilling self-confidence and a can-do attitude, this unique job interview preparation program provides free interview and workplace attire, coaching and mentoring for residents of Berkshire County and the surrounding area who are entering or re-entering the workforce. Suit YourSelf is made possible, in part, by the Berkshire Bank Foundation.
Suit YourSelf in the News: Boutique suits up job-seekers for interview, Suit YourSelf Expands,
Open House 2014

Soft Skills Development

Investing in a foundation of life skills for long-term work success, the GoodWorks Soft Skills Workshop provides a foundation for life skills and employment. This interactive, peer-to-peer facilitated workshop covers topics such as organization and decision making skills, customer service, self advocacy, team building, and time management with a focus on dependability, job seeking and job retention.
Goodwill Soft Skills Workshop in the News: Goodwill Berkshire Class Teaches Life, Work Skills

Warehouse Skill Development

Providing operational skill development in Inventory Management (processing and distribution of incoming donations through sales and after market channels), Quality Control, Safety team work, Forklift Certification and more.

Certification: Forklift Operation & Safety Training

Training on forklift operation and safety, following the requirements of OSHA Code of Federal Regulations. Certification includes classroom instruction, field training including operators daily checklist orientation and operator performance evaluation after 10 hours supervised operation.

Electrical Testing

Quality control processing of the donated household applicances and electronics assure that only working appliances are sent to the Goodwill Retail Stores.

Retail Sales Skill Development

On location at Goodwill Retail stores provides participants operational skills in retail merchandising, backroom processing, pricing, sales and customer service, along with teamwork, decision-making and dependability.

Office Skills Development

On location at the Pittsfield training center provides participant with operational skills in reception, customer service, office computer systems and accounting.

Goodwill's job skill building maker space is available at no-cost or low-cost thanks to donations, sales in our retail stores, grant funding including Berkshire Bank Foundation, our volunteers and business partners, and income generated from recycling-based Business 101 projects.

Contact Goodwill Workforce Development at (413) 442 0061 or contact us online. See the job training calendar here.